Pejman Ghanbari Echoes

Echoes – Pejman Ghanbari (Trailer)

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Echoes – Pejman Ghanbari – A Music Yoga Session with Franzi Wagner & Maren Cremer

Filmed and Edited by Basicmotion Filmproduktion

“Echoes” is inspired and based on the classical persian mode “Nava”, which represents a mystical and at the same time powerful mood. If we pay attention, the echoes that emerge from life will help us find our balance better.

Pejman Ghanbari – A contemporary musician born in Iran and lives in Germany. Based on a Persian landscape, his music is enriched with elements from another part of the world. It is an attempt to create something close and personal beyond refined classics or artificial frameworks.

Piano, Composition: Pejman Ghanbari

Kamancheh: Nima Gilaki

Yogasession: Maren Cremer & Franzi Wagner

Filmed at: Mind On Fire Festival Film

Director: Benjamin Kurz

Production: Basicmotion Filmproduktion

Label: © AwA Independent Music


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